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 Bijuu's GM Application (Magic Gladiator)

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PostSubject: Bijuu's GM Application (Magic Gladiator)   Fri Feb 17, 2012 5:56 pm

In game name:Bijuu
Key:Magic Gladiator
D.O.B( Date of birth ): 20:07:95-20th July 1995

Why do you want to be a GM on here?:Because this game completes me i love it and i belive i can make it better by be a gm on 24hours a day becuase i can stay up until what ever time i get told to stay on i can be a help to NMOTS

Experience with other games?: i gmed 3 games 2 naruto 1 dbz Naruto Darkness 2,3 and DBZ
i was given co owner because i was a postive gm and i was on every time an helped lots of people

IF you are given admin, what is it you have to offer the community of NMOTS?:i can be on all the time help people with questions and stuff wen im on i see theres lots of shinobi asking questions and breaking rules i think i could be on and stop that and be there for people because there is not alot of gm's on and they get annoyed

Additional Comments:if u give me gm i will promise to be a Very big help if u do u wont regret it i also have 2 accounts ready incase anything happens from your Loyal Shinobi Bijuu
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Bijuu's GM Application (Magic Gladiator)
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