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 Updates On what new clans should get.

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PostSubject: Updates On what new clans should get.   Mon Feb 20, 2012 3:12 am


.Sasuke Susanoo
.Madara Susanoo
.Itachi Susanoo
.have them master it themselves starting with bones then it will transform as it goes along 300 uses should be good when they get ems it cn be a 50 50 chance its fully mastered.
.Amasture armour


.Sage Mode
.Nine Tails. (mastered)
.and if they find the hidden place to fight the nine tails to master it they will master it and increases the boost.
.the barrages of rasengan and odama rasengan.


.Lighting armour

Killer Bee

.eight tails
.and armour


.suicide bomb
.Make him be able to fly on hes bird


I think you should add like clan sections like in the show, the uchiha house,hyuuga house and other clan house.

Also I think you should have logs based on the main thing like a Tailog,Ninlog, gen log, chakra log and health log.

Also I think you should add clan info like you explain what the clans get but for other rrequest just dont show them like rinnegan, ems, ms and other things.

I have many other ideas Il let you know when they pop up in my head
Thanks for reading.

You should also add like orgs cn go to war with each other and aka cn get jubi and when a aka member gets a demon instead of the naruto anime aka members being there you should summon the player aka members there to do it and add the person being in the middle as you see the demon being drained out of them. then the eye will start to form.


.I think you should give him the skill to take eyes from dead uchiha bodies
.He gets the wind element
.He gets that sword he summoned boosting hes Tai
.he gets sharingan in hes one eye and hes arm


.He is a more advance version of oro hes icon can be a half human and half oro icon and he has all moves of oro but more advanced and he can summon 100 poeple from the dead you cn make them npcs if you wnt or dead players bodies.

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Updates On what new clans should get.
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