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 Xenos Frosts app

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Xenos Frost

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PostSubject: Xenos Frosts app   Thu Feb 23, 2012 6:14 pm

In game name:Xenos Frost
D.O.B( Date of birth ):december 17th 1988

Why do you want to be a GM on here?:i love naruto, id like to help in any way i can.

Experience with other games?:i was owner on Bleach heart of the vaizards, naruto hebi takeover, i was a head admin on DBZ DA, i was owner on bleach return of the kings key 2, and other games if you want to know just ask.

IF you are given admin, what is it you have to offer the community of NMOTS?:i can monitor the forums, i also know alot of iconners, coders and ect, and i dont plat favorites as a admin, that just ruins games.

Additional Comments:ive worked with boakev before in the past, just ask him.
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Xenos Frosts app
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