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 Cloud's GM App

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PostSubject: Cloud's GM App    Mon Feb 27, 2012 6:39 am

In game name: Cloud
Key: Darkmotionz
D.O.B( Date of birth ): 29/11/1993

Why do you want to be a GM on here?: I want to become a gm on this game because i have a lot to offer and my judgement in character is usually correct, i don't take shit from anybody but have a sense of humour at the same time.

Experience with other games?:I have been a staff member on various games such as: Naruto Beast
Naruto battle of two legends
Naruto return of the quilets
Bleach unleashed bankai
Naruto sacred tales

IF you are given admin, what is it you have to offer the community of NMOTS?: I offer fair and equal judgement i will enforce rules amd make sure people are enjoying the game ready to listen to players problems and help them as much as i can.

Additional Comments: I am online most of the time so i will be able to watch the game while other staff members are offline. Twisted Evil
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Cloud's GM App
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