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 22link22 "Kurai Rikudo" Application

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PostSubject: 22link22 "Kurai Rikudo" Application   Sat May 19, 2012 7:53 pm

In game name: "Kurai Rikudo"
Key: 22link22
D.O.B( Date of birth ): 02/22/94

Why do you want to be a GM on here?:
I always liked helping players out and I like to meet tons of new people in a game based on a subject that I know and love.

Experience with other games?: I created a few games and been a few admins of a couple as well here are games I made ; Naruto Clash of Destiny, Bleach The Secret Within and Pokemon Twisted Hearts. I also was an admin on: Naruto Mirage Team and Pokemon Recarnation

IF you are given admin, what is it you have to offer the community of NMOTS?:
I can offer help for players and can suggest ideas for the owner/creator Boakev12. I can also try to help make this into a fun game where players can have fun but also follow rules and enjoy themselves. I'd also try to be on at least 1-4 (maybe 5) days of the week at the least.
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22link22 "Kurai Rikudo" Application
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