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 Rin's Akatsuki Leader Application

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PostSubject: Rin's Akatsuki Leader Application   Tue Feb 14, 2012 5:20 pm

Hiya! I am Rin. Most of the players of the game probally already know me, but if you do not, nice to meet you.

The position I am applying for is Akatsuki Leader.

I would like this position because when I am leader, shit goes down. None of this slacking members bullshit. With me in charge, the Akatsuki is going to be the most awesome organization! Also, the Akatsuki is one of my favorite anime organizations overall.

The main reason I need this organization is because I wish to stop people from looking at the Akatsuki as a way to get a demon and robe.

I played Blindspot for about two years and I loved it to death!

Thanks for reading my App! Twisted Evil

Rin Omukura.
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Rin's Akatsuki Leader Application
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