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 Bijuu's Akatsuki Leader Application

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PostSubject: Bijuu's Akatsuki Leader Application   Tue Feb 14, 2012 6:35 pm

I think i should be able to be in akatsuki As a leader because i have ruled out Cloud village for a couple of weeks now and my shinobi r happy and i think i could do tht as leader of akatsuki i could be a great assitance to akatsuki,helping hand i can do all sorts missions,etc:...

but the main point here is tht ive been in akatsuki before wipe and ive had experiance not lots but more than other people soo thats why i think i should be in akatsuki Ive only played this game for a onth nnow but nonstop i love this game. im gmt time i play on this game for 15 hour a day roughly no lie

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Bijuu's Akatsuki Leader Application
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